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Peanut Brittle at See's Candies

See's Candies fudge

I remember the delicious sweetness that hit me the first time I walked into a See's Candies. The confections were perfectly lined up on the glass shelves beckoning for me to try them all. No, really, I could hear the candy talk to me! I've spent many delightful afternoons relishing the deliciousness of the my individual choices for the day.

I think the first item I ever tried at See's Candies was an orange cream covered with milk chocolate. It just melted in my mouth and I had to buy more because one just wasn't enough.

See's Candies assortment

See's Candies pecan pie truffles

See's Candies assortment

As much as I love chocolate and as delicious as See's Candies truffles and assortments taste, I think at the top of my list is the peanut brittle which tastes like my grandmother made it. The peanut brittle wasn't too hard or too soft and if you've ever tried making it yourself on a humid day, you know how difficult it is to get the candy just right. Without even reading the ingredients, I can tell that the finest nuts are used and great care is taken to make this fun candy. Besides, peanuts are really good for you, so I think it should be added to one of the main food groups!

See's Candies peanut brittle

See's Candies make perfect gifts and the convenience of ordering online can't be emphasized enough especially during the holiday season. Of course, if you ever get the chance, there's nothing better than standing in front of lighted shelves filled with heavenly confections by See's Candies. I think this one sentence sums it up well...

"See's Candies is a premiere chocolate candy store that has been specializing in high quality chocolates and friendly, old-fashioned service since 1921."

Mama always said practice makes perfect. See's Candies has been delighting customers for a very long time. I guess Mama was right after all.

The Redhead Riter

My opinions are valued and I was compensated by my friends at See's Candies for this post.

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