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Garnishes Make It Pretty

strawberry fan garnish

Although meal time can often be a hectic and hurried affair, it can still be not only delicious, but also eye appealing. A few simple garnishes can liven up even the dullest meal. Also, it can encourage your children to try something new. Seeing the same cute piece of vegetable on their plate day after day eventually wears them down enough to at least plop it in their mouth once. Mom's have to be tricky sometimes!

When I make a salad to go with our meal, I usually make them in each person's bowl (remember, there is only three of us) so that no one gets the vegetables they do not want in their salad i.e. Alyssa doesn't want tomatoes or mushrooms in her bowl. Actually, to me her salad looks quite boring most of the time, so I try to give it a garnish. Yesterday, as she got her dinner and salad, she said while laughing out loud, "Mom, you always put a funny piece of fruit or vegetable on my salad." At sixteen she still finds it quite amusing.

Here are a few very simple garnishes that will add interest to even a grilled cheese sandwich.

garnish into a rose

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