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Kitchen Aid Mixers

Image: Cookware Online

I always wanted a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer with the fancy attachments and last year I became the proud owner of one! It has been a dream and I think, and so does Alyssa, that I have taken my Chocolate Chip recipe over the top.

The colors available vary from one style to the next, but I think they are all beautiful. You can also find them at the KitchenAid store online at http://www.kitchenaid.com/flash.cmd?/#/page/home

Here are a few of the several specialty attachments you can also purchase.

Ravioli Maker
Ice Cream Maker
Sausage Stuffer
Grain Mill

Pasta Accessories

These cool little gadgets help you make your own lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccini, thick egg noodles and angel hair pasta.

Citrus Juicer

Quickly and easily extract juice from the smallest lime to the largest grapefruit. A special strainer helps trap pulp.

Food Grinder


These mixers often go on sale around holidays and are a super deal.

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