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Gardening Tips

The fall and winter are not times to give up on gardening! There are so many things you can do to enhance gardening during the cooler months and to ensure that when spring arrives, your garden is still in tip top shape. If you take the time to plan your garden, you can enjoy colorful plants all year long.

As the colder months approach, add a fresh layer
(approximately 4 inches thick) of mulch over the garden to "blanket" or insulate the soil. This will also assist in keeping out the weeds.

Cover crops can add organic material to the the soil and plants such as legumes can help to attain the proper nitrogen balance in the soil.

Composting does not end when winter begins. The compost pile needs organic material added and the whole pile needs to be turned. This is also the time when the compost can be added to the soil in preparation for the spring months and to aid in the continued health of evergreen plants.

Plant the bulbs! The flowers originating from bulbs that will bloom at the beginning of spring are some of the prettiest flowers and include two of my favorites...daffodils and tulips.

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