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My pen name is The Redhead Riter which is "Writer" purposely misspelled. I wanted the alliteration of the "R's" thus the "Writer" is spelled "Rong"...Yes, I know the proper spelling for "Wrong" too.

I'm a grown woman, but I enjoy using my childhood photo as my profile picture because it brings back wonderful memories. That is what our existence on this planet is filled with...one memory after the next whether they are happy, sad, good or bad. They are what we call life.

My Life

I've been married twice, divorced once and being a mother to my only child is my greatest pleasure and accomplishment. No matter how much success I may have in my future or have had in my past, my greatest accomplishment is being Alyssa's mother. She is everything I could ever want in a daughter and her kind, gentle, compassionate spirit has helped to make me a better person. Any sacrifices I have made on her behalf have been worth it and I would do it all over again just to ensure her happiness and success.

Professionally, I've been a busy woman learning, growing and have seen success as a Hotel General Manager with a major chain, owned/own my own business and currently enjoy a career at a well known global corporation.

My newest endeavor has been blogging. I started this blog in the latter half of 2009. After blogging for a short time, I decided to start six subject specific blogs which I collectively refer to as The Blogrolls. The intention of each blog is to provide information on the subject as well as a list of other blogs that pertain to the same subject matter. This list is constantly changing because as each new post is published, another blog is brought to the top of the list. It is a great way to stay caught up with the latest postings from each blog. Together The Blogrolls lists approximately 1,000 blogs. If you are interested in advertising on any of the blogs, please see my advertising and public relations tab.

Why Read The Redhead Riter?

The Redhead Riter is witty, intelligent and has something of interest for everyone. This site is dedicated to:
  • recording my life and history for posterity and others in hopes of making their journey through life a little easier,
  • helping bloggers improve their blogging abilities,
  • and sharing the awesome information gathered while surfing the internet.
As I age, so will this blog and in so doing, it will be filled with a wealth of information on parenting, marriage, art, inspiration, and blogging tips to help enhance the skills necessary to have a successful blog.

If you want more information on The Redhead Riter, please notify me by using my contact page.

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The Redhead Riter

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